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Month: April 2019

Why every company in Dubai needs a digital marketer and how can they improve your business?

Why every company in Dubai needs a digital marketer and how can they improve your business?

Large no.of internet users

Dubai is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, Recent survey says internet users in Dubai increasing day by day, Yes 90% of people using the internet. Dubai becomes a digital city, People doesn’t want to spend time on shopping, they want to see everything on their mobile first, So digital media promotions are the best and smart way to attract people.

Organic Result on SERP

In every business, The customer or user prefers to select the best ones only, Yes people prefer to click the top websites only on the SERP, So every company has to be SEO friendly website, If your website is not SEO friendly, Google will not show up your website on SERP, We must optimize our website based google’s algorithm.

SEO is an optimizing technique, Google has some algorithm, Optimizing our website based on Google’s algorithm is called SEO, For optimizing we must write unique content on our website, not only unique keyword based content after writing unique content we need to start backlink building, Backlink building will help our website to push it on the top SERP, But it will take 3-4 months, Lots of efforts and smartness needed for SEO optimization


Google provides many promoting options, Building our brand on organic way is very important, But it will take at least a year and we can’t get more sales or leads, For that we have to promote our brand or service, Promotion on google or any social medium anybody can do, But only the digital marketer knows how to convert your ads to sales or leads or brand awareness or whatever our goals they achieve easily with ease on smarter way, Yes, these promotions are not easy for a normal employee, it needs lots of keyword research skills and digital medium skills .

Tracking Purpose

Every company must track their website and promotions. Tracking is everything is the best way to improve our website’s performance, Google provides few tools for tracking, Google Analytics, Goolge Search control and ads we can track on google ads and on google analytics aswell.