How to run a successful Digital campaign?


You may promote any product or service in any digital mediums , You need to follow the basics to get best results

You need to choose the right audience,If you are not getting the inquiries from right People you need to change the audience immediately.Don’t go with broad and exact match, Always go with phrase match, bcoz budget will be under your control and you will get at least average result.

You need to start with minimum budget and keywords, If you are getting expected results, that’s fine, if not , Slowly increase your budget and add more keywords

Digital Marketer can only drive leads, sales conversion not in our hand, But now a days the organizations always blame the digital marketers if they didn’t get the expected conversion, For your safer side when you yo do promotion you need to check the that product’s market price and your competitor’s price first, If the price is way higher than other conversion won’t happen.

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